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18 Jun 2018 1:32 PM | Anonymous

We are proud to have The Billiard Congress Of America as a sponsor for the BEF. They have always been committed to our junior program and we would like to personally thank Rob Johnson for his continued support.

The Billiard Congress of America was established in 1948, with early involvement by players like Willie Mosconi and Willie Hoppe. The objective was to organize the players and promote the sport through qualifying tournaments at the local, regional and national levels in Straight Pool and 3-Cushion billiards (the popular competitive disciplines of the era) and recognize those champions. Organizers were also determined to produce an official rulebook to standardize the sport and help fund the effort; and to involve billiard rooms, retailers and manufacturers in meeting these promotional goals.

The Billiard Congress of America has the honor of being the North American representative to the World-Pool Billiard Association. As such, the organization is responsible for selecting players for world championships, rules and specifications input and other timely topics paramount to the sport and industry. This position permits the Billiard Congress of America to publish the "Official Rules and Records Book, World-Standardized Rules." The Billiard Congress of America also oversees the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame.


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