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The annual Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) Junior National Artistic Pool competition takes place concurrently with the annual BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships. WPA World Artistic Pool Champion, ESPN Trick Shot Champion, Professional Entertainer and Instructor, Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman, with his wife Marty “Ms. Cue,” facilitate and direct this special event each year so the youth can demonstrate their extraordinary cue sport skills.

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Junior Artistic Pool

Past Champions

18 & Under Boys
18 & Under Girls
14 & Under Boys
14 & Under Girls
 2017 Timmy Bly Michelle Jiang Joey Tate Lana Keith
2016 Brandon Van Overbeke Taylor Hansen Tristen Hansen Ashley Fullerton
2015 Josh Franklin April Larson Hunter White Ashley Fullerton
2014 Garrett Kinney Rachel Lang Devan Stagner Emily Herpel
2013 Garrett Kinney Rachel Lang Eric Roberts Emily Herpel
2011 Kevin Sun Brianna Miller Ricky Evans Katilyn Hall
2010 Brady Behrman Caitlyn Shuping Shawn Begay Brianna Miller
2009 Joshua Newman Chelsea Hardwick Kevin Sun Brianna Miller
2008 Derrick Holloway Allison Hardwick Landon Shuffett Brianna Miller
2007 Alex Larson-Walker Taylor Satterwhite Mark Tafoya Nicole Jaynes
2006 Mike Mallen Allison Hardwick Austin Murphy Nicole Jaynes
2005 Josh Marlowe Alexandra Calabrese Landon Shuffett Chelsea Hardwick
2004 Daniel Rakin Regina Rakin Nicholas Tafoya Not Applicable
2003 Tyler Strawn Allison Hardwick Redante Rakin Jr. Not Applicable
2002 Tyler Strawn Ashley Sacker Michael Banks Jr. Not Applicable
2001 Andrew Schiestel Juliette Houtz Justin Bergman Not Applicable
2000 Nathan Smith Mary Rakin Tyler Strawn Not Applicable
1999 Lance Fairchild Morgan Blevins Lars Vardman Not Applicable

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