Landon Shuffett

“Besides having the opportunity to compete in and win a National Championship the BEF has helped mostly with giving me that motivation during the summer (pool’s off season) to practice and put in the time to get ready for something!! Also the scholarship money I’ve received over the years since 2005 has greatly helped with paying college bills. It also has benefited me in travel…especially overseas. Without the BEF I probably wouldn’t have made those trips. I also appreciate the hospitality put on at the tournaments and just the effort alone that’s made to get young adults playing the game.“

Landon Shuffett (Greensburg, Kentucky)
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 Junior National Champion
Has received over $4,000 in academic scholarships

 Briana Miller

“Being part of the BEF has given me the opportunity to play all over the world. It has also allowed me to meet some really great friends over the past years. and given me the chance to earn scholarship money for college. I am glad to be a part of the BEF.”

Briana Miller (Allentown, Pennsylvania)
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Junior National Champion
Has received over $5,000 in academic scholarships


Jesse Engel

“The BEF has given me a great opportunity with pool. I have had the chance to compete in four national tournaments and two world championships. Going to Nicaragua in 2009 was definitely an experience I will never forget. Also taking 2nd the following year in Reno was a great experience. The BEF has definitely made me strive to become a better player. I’d like to thank the BEF for everything and I hope it will continue to do the great job it has done!”

Jesse Engel (Columbia Heights, Minnesota)
2009 & 2010 Junior National Runner-up, 2010 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Silver Medalist
Has received $1,000 in academic scholarships

Mary Rakin

“The BEF has given us an opportunity to show our talent not just nationwide but worldwide as well. Being able to compete with people our ages in other countries made me realize that I’m not the only one playing this game and also going to school. The BEF gives kids a chance to really enjoy the game of pool and also gives kids a chance to really fulfill their dreams. The one thing I miss about Junior Nationals is seeing my friends every year and getting a chance to sweat their games and cheer for each other. I will always cherish that and I wouldn’t have achieved so much in my life if it wasn’t for the BEF Junior Nationals.”

Mary Rakin (Daly City, California)
2007 Junior National Champion, 2007 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Gold Medalist
Has received $1,000 in academic scholarships

 Charlie Williams

“I won the 1991 BCA USA Junior Nationals in Nashville, TN (age 14 & under). My roommate was Max Eberle, we were both from VA and both won our divisions as roommates (he was 18 and under).

I won a new pool table, new Joss Cue, new case, and $3,500 scholarship (which I used!), totaling over $10k in prizes. I also got to go to an all-expense paid trip to the first World Junior Championships in Taiwan, my first overseas tournament. My sponsor also paid my entry to the US Open ($500) with my first ever pro match against Ralf Souquet.

So the benefits were wide ranged and long-running. BEF definitely made an impact on who I am today and my career.

USA junior programs are something very important needed for the development of the sport.“

Charlie Williams, “The Korean Dragon”

Chuckie Robinette

” I am an aspiring young pool player, striving to become a professional player, my name is Charles Robinette from Old Town Florida. I wanted to say thank you for helping me pursue my passion for pool by inspiring me to compete with other players of my age, it really is a wonderful thing.”

Chuckie Robinette (Old Town, Florida)
Junior National Qualifier

Here are just a few of today’s top professional players who got their start with the Junior Nationals:

  • Sarah Rousey, top-ranked WPBA professional
  • Max Eberle, professional player & instructor
  • Tiffany Nelson Crane, WPBA professional
  • CJ Wiley, professional player & instructor
  • Brittany Bryant, WPBA professional
  • Nicole Keeney, WPBA professional