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BEF Junior National Online Qualifier

  • 14 May 2022
  • 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM (PDT)
  • In the convenience of your own home or pool room.


  • $10 annual fee

BEF Junior National Online Qualifier

Held in the convenience of your own pool room!

Event begins @ 11:00 AM

(EST-Eastern Standard Time)


Game:  9-BALL 

2 Divisions:  18 & Under Coed & 14 & Under Coed 

Race:  5 racks playing the ghost
Format: Double Elimination
Entry Fee: FREE

14 & Under may play on a 7ft - 8ft or a 9-ft table.

18 & Under may play on a 8ft or a 9ft table. 

Paid registrants will receive more info and a passcode to join the event. 

The Top finalist(s) from each division will receive a "FREE" entry into the 2022 BEF National 9-Ball Junior Championships in Las Vegas, June 21-25th.  

EVERY one that participates will receive a $25 discount when registering for Nationals.  

EVERY player MUST be a BEF member in order to participate at the National level. BEF membership requires a $10 annual fee and may be obtained onsite or online here at become a Junior BEF member. 


This 9 ball tournament will be virtual, using Zoom and online live brackets. Players will play 5 racks against the ghost, with a maximum of 12 points per rack, 60 points for the set. The player with the highest number of points will win that set.

Each ball is worth one point and the 9 ball two points. Players are not penalized for a dry break and are allowed to take the cue ball in hand the first shot after the break. Player shoots until they miss or foul, with a maximum of 10 points.

If a player makes a ball on the break AND elects not to take a ball in hand, then that player is awarded two points, for a maximum potential score of 12 for that rack.
The 18 and under bracket must be played on either 8 or 9 ft. tables. The 14 and under bracket can be played on 7, 8 or 9 ft tables. Any player who turns 15 in 2022 must play in the 18 under bracket.
On the break, the one ball must be in the front of the rack, the 9 in the middle and the 2 ball in the back. All other balls must be randomly placed.
A 9 on the break must be spotted and the player continues to shoot.


This event is FREE

Contact Roy Pastor for more information @ newengland@playusapool.com or call 978-660-3677.


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