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Billiard Education Foundation Crowns Artistic Pool Junior Champions!

15 Jul 2018 11:35 AM | Anonymous

Billiard Education Foundation Crowns Artistic Pool Junior Champions!

The magnetic sport of Artistic Pool celebrated 25 years of competitive challenge July 11 – 13, 2018 at the BEF Junior Nationals in New Orleans, LA. Players showed up in record numbers to take the ever – popular “speed control / lag challenge” with 8 BEF National Junior Championship division titles on the line.

The preliminary rounds of competition on the first two days revealed a host of talented players seeking a gold medal and national title recognition in each division, plus a special cue ball donated by Aramith in a customized clear box holder. Each ball was autographed by Nick Varner and Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman. Second place finishers after the final rounds would each receive a silver medal and an Aramith signed ball.

National champions / runner-ups for the boys were: Samuel Hoffman / Jordan Roberts (18 & under), Cody Mofield / Eric Robers (16 & under), Ivo Linkin / Jayden Liu (14 & under), and Patrick Tafoya / Max Moore (11 & under). The national champions / runner-ups for the girls were: Hailey Fullerton / Michelle Jiang (18 & under), Aryana Lynch / Vivian Liu (16 & under), Tiana Jiang / Skylar Hess (14 & under), and Hayleigh Marion / Bethany Tate (11 & under).

A record – breaking performance by Aryana Lynch was achieved when she scored the highest points total ever for five lags (63 points) and ten lags (108 points). The five lag score registered is the highest among any junior, amateur, or professional player that has ever taken this “repeatable stroke” challenge. Congratulations, Aryana!

Note: All champion and runner-up players were placed on a special online registry for documented Artistic Pool competitions (trick shots and so much more) since 1979. A “legacy listing” for 342 events and 783 overall / division champions can be found at:


Two bonus divisions were also held this year so everyone could join in the competitive challenge and family fun. Terry Fullerton (father of Hailey and Ashley) won an “adult only” division, while Hailey and Terry Fullerton won an “adult / junior partner team” division. Congratulations to ALL players and parents that participated in and / or won select awards / prizes in the various Artistic Pool Divisions!

A special thanks to the BEF (Billiard Education Foundation) for hosting the 2018 BEF National Junior Artistic Pool Championships and for providing medal / ribbon awards for first and second place in each junior division, plus special prizes for the Adult and Adult / Junior divisions. Thank you also to Aramith for the cue balls and custom holders.

Best Victories...The “Artistic” Way!

Tom “Dr. Cue” and Marty “Ms. Cue” Rossman Artistic Pool Founders and Sport Crusaders

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