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22 Jun 2018 11:16 AM | Anonymous

We are proud to have Pool & Billiard Magazine as a sponsor for the BEF. They have always been committed to our junior program and we would like to personally thank Shari Stauch for her continued support.

Pool & Billiard Magazine is the sport’s oldest monthly magazine and boasts the largest readership of billiard businesses, players and fans.

The company was founded in 1983 by Harold Simonsen and his oldest daughter Shari, originally titled the Pool & Billiard Scratch Sheet. The infant publication grew out of their relationship with the sport through the family business, Harold’s Pool Parlour, opened in the Chicago area in 1976 and operated for over 20 years before P&B relocated to Charleston, South Carolina.

Pool & Billiard Magazine proudly claims many “first” innovations in promoting the sport:

⇒ Launched the first contemporary monthly magazine for pool and billiards.

⇒ Developed and published a professional player annual ranking system.

⇒ Ran first-ever national television campaign for billiards and conducted the “How to Advertise on TV” seminar at BCA Trade Expo. Created the first annual reader demographic survey, the “Player & Fan Poll”.

⇒ Published the first annual Upscale Billiard Clubs issue, the first annual issues on The Legends of the Sport, Instruction, Cues and Tables.

⇒ Created the sport’s first magazine online website.


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