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18 Jun 2018 1:26 PM | Anonymous

We are proud to have TLP Billiards as a sponsor for the BEF. They have always been committed to our junior program and we would like to personally thank Rick Tempkin for his continued support.

TLP Billiards started as an idea when owner Rick Tempkin, who had purchased a pool table for his new game room, was looking for accessory stands for his billiard products. Not finding anything satisfactory to his interests he created a prototype 8-ball rack and cue stick holder from an aluminum billet with an aluminum finish.

Doing some research to find out what the billiard industry had to offer Rick was surprised to find that most accessories where either wood or plastic based products. Metal was something that the industry hadn't taken into consideration over the years.

So Rick and his team at TLP Metalworks went into research and design for a variety of accessory products such as Wall Racks, Ball Racks, Cone Talc Holders and Floor Racks. A wide variety of colors and textures were added to produce bold new designs for the billiards and gaming industry in general.


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