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2018 BEF Texas 9 Ball Qualifier Recap And Results

26 Feb 2018 11:41 PM | Anonymous

2018 BEF Texas 9 Ball Qualifier Recap And Results

Date: 02/24/2018

Event Director: Kan Yi

Referee: John Taylor

14 & under division participants: (7 participants)

Kyle Yi 

Cameron Cummings 

Lazaro Martinez III 

Gabriel Martinez 

Saya Lynch 

Cole Hart 

Ben Cano 

14 & under division results:

1st place:  Lazaro Martinez III 

2nd place: Gabriel Martinez 

3rd place: Kyle Yi 

4th place: Cameron Cummings 

5th & 6th place: Cole Hart,Saya Lynch 

7th place:  Ben Cano

In the 14 & under division, the competition was very intense.  Lazaro Martinez is a two time BCA national champion, and his brother Gabriel Martinez earned 3rd place in the 2017 BEF National Championships 14UB division. Lazaro defeated his brother Gabriel 3 to zero in the first round.   The events youngest player Cole Hart surprisingly beat Saya Lynch 3 to zero, before succumbing to Kyle Yi,3 to nothing. Kyle then battled Lazaro to hill-hill. Lazaro won the match by utilizing the 3 foul rule to defeat Kyle. Gabriel emerged victorious after Kyle missed a key 9-ball combo shot and left 9-ball close to the corner pocket. In the finals Lazaro beat Gabriel again and won first place.  

18 & under division participants: (5 Participants)

Bryan Rodriguez 

Cody Cummings 

Aryana Lynch  

Parker Huggins Note: Parker has already qualified in Florida. 

John Benavides 

18 & under division results:

1st place: Aryana Lynch 

2nd place: Cody Cummings

3rd place: Bryan Rodriguez

4th place: John Benavides

5th place: Parker Huggins

In the 18 & under division, Aryana Lynch is the most accomplished player. She earned 2nd place in the 2017 BCA Junior 9 ball Championships and 3rd place in the 2016 BEF National Championships 14UG division.  She advanced to the championship rounds by defeating Parker Huggins, and then beating Cody Cummings twice to receive first place.

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