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Atlantic Challenge Cup
Team U.S.A. Selection Process

Timeline for the 2017 Atlantic Challenge Cup

  • JAN 1: Formal Invitation Letters to all organizations
  • JAN 1 – JAN 31: Organizations submit nominations
  • FEB 1 – 28: Collect Bios & Info from Nominated Players
  • MAR 1 – 31: Selection Committee reviews nominations
  • APR 1: Announce U.S. Team of 8 Players (6 starters & 2 alternates)
  • APR: Tentative Team Camp sponsored by Black Widow Foundation
  • MAY 1: Team Leader announces official starting team of 6 players
  • TBA: 2017 Atlantic Challenge Cup

The Atlantic Challenge Cup nomination process is open to several billiard organizations with each having a maximum of 6 entry nominations (4 boys and 2 girls).

To be considered for the U.S. Team, players must meet the following criteria:

  • Player must be 19 or younger with a birthdate in 1998 or later.
  • Player must have played in at least one (1) of the past two (2) BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships.
  • Player must maintain a minimum 2.5 academic GPA or higher.
  • Player must be an upstanding role model within their local billiard community (supported by letters of recommendation).

STAGE 1: Nominating Organizations and Points Earning Events

  • American CueSports Alliance (ACS)- ACS Nationals
  • Association of College Unions International (ACUI)- ACUI Championships
  • American Poolplayers Association (APA)- APA Junior National and APA World Championships
  • Billiard Education Foundation (BEF)- BEF Junior National 9 Ball Championships
  • CueSports International (CSI)- CSI Junior 9 Ball Challenge, BCAPL National Championships
  • Super Billiards Expo (SBE)- SBE Junior and Open events
  • TAP League- TAP Junior National and Open Events
  • North American Poolshooters Association (NAPA)- NAPA Junior Nationals and Open Nationals
  • Valley National 8-Ball Association (VNEA)- VNEA Junior and World Championships
  • World Junior Championships- WPA World Junior 9 Ball Championships
  • Grade Point Average- Supplied by the academic institution the nominee attends

The selection process begins at “Stage 1” with being nominated by one of the listed nominating organizations. After you are nominated you are assigned points based on where you placed in the various points earning events held by the listed supporting organizations. The total points earned will be used to choose the top 12 boys and top 8 girls who will advance to “Stage 2”.

If you are a reputable league, tour or youth billiard program that is not listed above, please contact us directly to submit your nomination. This pool of talent will give the Atlantic Challenge Cup selection committee the great advantage of fielding the best competitive and representative team possible for the U.S.

Stage 2: Phone Interview and Questionnaire

Personal phone interview and phone questionnaire (survey). The results of the interview and questionnaire are reported to the Selection Committee for review and vote.

Stage 3: Initial Selection Committee Vote

Initial vote of the Selection Committee. The Committee takes the points earned, along with the report of the phone interviews and questionnaires, and votes for 6 boys and 4 girls to make up Team USA. The top vote receivers will make up the team and advance to “Stage 4”.

Stage 4: Training Camp Performance and Final Vote

After attending the Black Widow Foundation training camp, a report from each coach and instructor is given to the Committee about the team members’ performance at camp. A final vote is then taken by the Committee to select the 4 boy starters, 2 girl starters, and the first and second alternates (1 boy and 1 girl for each). The top vote receivers (4 boys and 2 girls) become the “Starting team” for Team USA. The alternates are assigned by majority of remaining votes.

Below is the information we will be seeking from all nominees to make the best team selection:

  • Age (Player must be 19 or younger with a birthdate in 1998 or later.)
  • Current Academic GPA
  • Experience
  • Total years played
  • Total years competed in BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championshps
  • Major State Tournaments (How many, Organization, Title, Year, Placement)
  • National Tournaments (How many, Organization, Title, Year, Placement)
  • World Tournaments (How many, Organization, Title, Year, Placement)
  • Team League Experience (Organizations, Years, Placement, Handicap or Rating)
  • Instructor/Coach Training
  • Recommendation Letter(s) from Teacher, Mentor, League/Tournament Coordinator
  • Other team sports participated
  • Total hours compete/practice per week
  • Size tables normally compete/practice on (9ft, 8ft, 7ft)
  • Player essay about their life with the sport of billiards.
  • Traveled Overseas

The selection process will be challenging but the ACC Selection Committee will always be impartial and fair to all who participate. We are certain that there will be cross nominations from different organizations. These top junior players compete in many different leagues and events, and we all need to search for the most talented and promising ones to represent the U.S. From our experience with the BEF Junior Nationals & WPA World Junior Championships as our model, we annually see young up and coming players from all affiliations represented every year. These players are extremely well skilled, play with great sportsmanship, and are highly respected and valued by the BEF.

We appreciate all your support. Go U.S.A!

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