Player Profile: Sergio Rivas

Name: Sergio Rivas
Nickname: “The Show”
Home town: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Birth date: June 1999
Current grade: 9th
GPA: 2.3
Favorite subject in school: math
Pool room(s) where you play:
Cue Club of Wisconsin
At what age did you start playing pool? 10 years old
Titles/High finishes:
14 & under junior national championship
Super Billiards Expo semi finalist open division
What kind of cue(s) do you use?
Jacoby Costom Cue
Left or right handed: Right
Sponsors: Cue Club of Wisconsin
Favorite band/music: Eminem
Hobbies: Producing/ Recording Hip-Hop music
Memorable pool moment: Super Billiards Expo pro division
Favorite pool game: 10 Ball
Favorite player: Efren Reyes
Favorite food: Philly cheese steak
Fondest childhood memory: Realizing what makes me happy.
Goals (personal and/or career): To be the best pool player to ever live
Anything else you’d like people to know about you: I’m not just a pool player, I’m aN entertainer I put on a show for the crowd.

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