Player Profile: Serena Black

Name: Serena Denzel Black
Home town: Warrensburg, Illinois
Birth date: August, 1998
Favorite subject in school: Band, English, Anatomy
Pool room(s) where you play: Starship Billiards
At what age did you start playing pool? 12
Titles/High finishes: 3rd place – 2013 Midwest Junior Championships
1st place – 2014 Scotch Doubles Junior/Adult
9th place- 2014 APA Junior Nationals
7th place – 2015 Chicago BEF State Tournament

Other Notable Awards:
– 2012 spring session MVP (APA)
– 2012 fall session MVP (APA)
– 2013 spring session second place scotch doubles finish (APA)
– 2013 summer session Top Gun (APA)
– 2013 summer session MVP (APA)
– 2013 fall session Top Gun (APA)
– 2014 spring session Top Gun (APA)
– 2014 National championship break and run (APA)

What kind of cue(s) do you use? I am sponsored by Mezz cues. My shooting cue is the model Ace-802 with a WX 700 shaft. My break cue is a Wrap-less Mezz power break with a deep impact shaft. My jump cue is the Mezz AIRDRIVE Jump Cue.
Left or right handed: Right
Favorite band/music: Johnny Cash
Hobbies: Playing pool, basketball, and video games
Memorable pool moment: My most memorable pool moment was claiming the third place national title at the Midwest Junior Championship, up until I received an important phone call just days ago informing me that I had been nominated for the Atlantic Challenge Cup. It was a feeling of astonishment and delight, and certainly reassured my confidence.
Favorite pool game: 9 ball and One Pocket
Favorite player: Mika Immonen and Shane Van Boening
Favorite food: Venison jerky and Smoked beef brisket
Fictional Hero: Batman; he had to overcome his biggest fear and turn it into his strength.
Real-world hero: Jaycee Dugard; She should inspire us all to live life to the fullest.
Fondest childhood memory: I truly enjoyed camping with my family in Taylorville, Illinois when I was younger. It was a time when all my family members were present. We would spend hours fishing, exploring, or swimming by day and come night fall cook over an open fire, bring out the guitars and sing classic country. It was a ritual for every weekend over the summer. These were the best days of my childhood, they taught me the importance of family.
Goals (personal and/or career): I plan to attend Lindenwood University in the fall of 2016 and play with their billiards team under the instruction of Mark Wilson. I would like to get a degree in business entrepreneurship and administration. After my education, I aim to open my own billiards hall and in the future franchise multiple venues such as APA, ACS, or VNEA. I enjoy variety and with a pool hall there are many options. You can incorporate food, entertainment, banquets, tournaments, etc. My ultimate goal is to open a facility that welcomes families and offers enjoyment for pool sharks of ALL ages.
Anything else you’d like people to know about you: My nomination for the Atlantic Challenge Cup is humbling. Thinking back to four years ago when I received my first pool cue, I now realize that it symbolizes a gift of infinite possibilities. I am privileged to be considered one of the top junior competitors in America, and know that team USA will, regardless of the final six, be a contending force for any challenge it faces.

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