Player Profile: Nathan Childress

Name: Nathan Childress
Nickname: Nate Dog
Home town: Midlothian, VA
Birth date: October, 2002
Favorite subject in school: Social Studies
Pool room(s) where you play: Diamond Billiards – Midlothian, VA
At what age did you start playing pool? 8
Titles/High finishes: Diamond Billiards 9-ball tourney 2013 – 1st place
Murphys Law 9- ball tourney 2014 – 2nd place
Murphys Law II 8-ball tourney 2014 – 1st place
Super Billiards Expo 2014 Juniors 12 & under – 3rd place

What kind of cue(s) do you use? Murray Tucker Custom Cue
Left or right handed: Left
Favorite band/music: Hip-hop
Hobbies: Eat, sleep, and POOL
Memorable pool moment:When I was at the Super Billiards Expo in March 2014 and I made it to Sunday and placed 3rd.
Favorite pool game: 9 ball
Favorite player: Brandon Shuff
Favorite food: Nachos
Real-world hero: My dad Bruce Childress, My pool teacher Thomas Dorsey
Fondest childhood memory: When I was younger about the age of 7, I would go with my dad and watch him play. I wanted to play so bad but my parents were a little nervous about me playing. Until the day I went to Diamond Billiards to watch my dad play and I seen Thomas Dorsey giving this little girl lessons so I went to my mom and asked if I could get lessons too. She went and talked to Thomas Dorsey and set everything up for me to get started. My dad told my grandpa who is also an avid player and he made me my 1st stick it was 44 in. and that’s how I started to learn the game and play. It was one of the happiest days of my pool journey.
Goals (personal and/or career): I want to one day become a pro and play in the Mosconi Cup.

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