Player Profile: Evan Swett

Name: Evan Swett
Home town: Wichita, KS
Birth date: December, 2000
Favorite subject in school: Math
Pool room(s) where you play: Club Billiards and Stix
At what age did you start playing pool? 12
Titles/High finishes: Kansas Junior 9 Ball State Champion
What kind of cue(s) do you use? Joss
Left or right handed: Left
Favorite band/music: All types of music
Hobbies: Playing pool and cards
Memorable pool moment: Winning the Kansas Junior 9 Ball State Championship
Favorite pool game: 9 ball
Favorite player: Gabe Owen
Favorite food: Pizza
Real-world hero: Chris Kyle
Fondest childhood memory: Going to Six Flags & Universal Studios with my family on vacation
Goals (personal and/or career): Going to college and being successful

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