New Break and Rack Format

There have been two significant changes in the World Standardized Rules of Billiards, as set by the
World-Pool Billiard Association that will affect us moving forward in competition this year.

These rules went into effect on 01 January 2017 and will be used at the 2017 Junior World 9-Ball
Championships, as well as the 2017 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships. The Billiard Education
Foundation strongly urges you to implement these rule changes at your events to assist your players in
preparing for higher level competition.

Rule 2.2 now requires that the nine ball be racked on the foot spot, instead of the one ball. The
remaining balls are randomly placed.

Rule 2.3 redefines a “legal break” in accordance with the “3-point break” requirement. This requires
that a combination of balls pocketed on the break and/or number of object balls to pass the head
string equal 3

As an example, if you pocket one numbered ball on the break you would have to drive two numbered
balls past the head string for the break to be legal.

Failure to execute a legal break is not a foul and the incoming player has the option to either play the
table in position, or pass the table back to the breaker. If you elect to pass the table back to the
breaker, they may elect to play a pushout. Per the new rule “only the breaker may play a pushout
after an illegal break”.

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