Who says billiards doesn’t belong in the classroom? Learn more about the BEF Billiards in School Program and the many ways it helps students improve academically!

“He was an average C student doing just enough to get by…When he got into this program, he made his own mind up. He’s now carrying a 3.8 grade point average and was recognized by the BEF as one of their scholastic honorees at nationals last year,” said proud father of William Howard, Berkner H.S.

The importance of motor-skill development, cognitive learning and social-skill development in billiards creates an inspiring standard of expectation in those that embrace the game. Exercise in the intricate measures of skill that this sport requires sets the tone. Developing muscle memory, focus and relaxation encourages knowledge about specific functions of the body. This knowledge, combined with the understanding of billiard equipment, provides a personal experience that will last a lifetime.Like other physical education activities, billiards requires the same components—mental, physical and emotional exercises, building knowledge through experience and competition to round out the fun. This program offers all of these and more. A unique community is then achieved: millions of people playing billiards on a regular basis.

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Foreword by Jeanette Lee:

jeanette-lee-2“I am truly fortunate to have been exposed to billiards and am now finding the games harmonious with life. At not such an early age, eighteen to be exact, billiard games stimulated a powerful intrigue within me. There were pocket billiard tables, snooker tables and then the table without pockets called carom billiards.While these tables are similar (might I add all beautiful in display), they actually reflect three different disciplines in game strategy. Without going into these differences (which this textbook does), they all offer the same benefits as an activity—a common objective to develop physical, mental and emotional control by all players. It is an incredible lifetime experience.”