2015 Academic All-Americans

The BEF strives to support and recognize the billiard student-athletes who excel in the classroom and in competition. The BEF Academic All-American Junior award honors those student-athletes who earn an entry into the BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships along with earning at least a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Recognition to junior award recipients is given at the banquet.


Katelin Ballou
*Serena Black (4.0)
Alex Booth
*Joey Bourgeois, Jr. (4.0)
Jordan Burden
Amanda Campbell
Nathan Childress
Brandon Coley
Tatum Cutting
April  Denise Czarnecki
Lance Fessler
Ashley Fullerton
Hailey Fullerton
Sam Hoffman
Michelle Jiang
Tiana Jiang
Zachery Johnson
* April Larson (4.0)
Jayden Liu
*Vivian Liu (4.0)
Charles Marshall, Jr.
Elijah Mendoza
Micah Ott
Mahkeal Parris
* Andy Poutry (4.0)
Leah Quillinan
Matt Quillinan
Sierra Reams
Eric Roberts
Bryan Rodriquez
Daniel Sardoncillo
* Kaytlin Schilling (4.0)
Brenna Shaw
Devan Stagner
Chase Stumfoll
* Evan Swett (4.0)
Preston “Graham” Swinson
Karsyn Terry
Jacob Watson
Trenton White

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