2013 Challenge the Stars

“@[100002646172371:2048:Shane VanBoening], @[533296490:2048:Mika Immonen], @[1224783836:2048:Jennifer Barretta], @[100002507057908:2048:Dennis Orcullo], @[480603928643042:274:Mike Dechaine], @[100001575245348:2048:Francisco Bustamante], @[1297040034:2048:Corey Deuel], @[1799807730:2048:Ralf Souquet], @[518568155:2048:Darren Appleton], @[110898895595999:274:Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch Fan Page], Lee Brett, The Drill Instructor, Stefano Pelinga, Hunter Lombardo, Michael Yadnek, and Briana Miller and more, all made an appearance to supporting the Billiard Education Foundation!”

From 2013 Challenge the Stars. Posted by Billiard Education Foundation on 8/21/2013 (45 items)

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